Hey there! My name is Pawel and I’ve been tinkering with iOS since 2008 (or iPhone OS as it was called back then). I’ve started working on commercial projects in early 2009, when Xcode 3 and SDK 2.2 still rocked the world (and oh those where the times).

Since then I’ve built numerous apps for both business and consumer markets. During those years of development the concept of code quality grew on me. Being able to quickly extend or modify existing behaviour not only makes one a proud engineer but is also a strong asset for his company. That’s why, after years of searching, I’ve picked up BDD as my favourite way of writing code.

Apart from working as a software developer I’m also leader of local mobile developers community called Mobile Warsaw which has been running consecutively for almost 3 years now, with around 60 attendees every month. I’m also co-founder of Mobile Academy, an organisation providing advanced workshops for iOS developers. Moreover I’m helping with organisation of Mobile Central Europe, mobile developers conference in Warsaw, Poland. Plus I’m an active speaker sharing my knowledge about iOS world.